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As a 1800GETAWAY Rewards Member, you're eligible to receive discounts on travel vouchers that can be redeemed on any accommodation booking at any time anywhere.


Here is how it works

You purchase a 1800GETAWAY travel voucher (available in increments of $50) and as a member you receive a 5% discount. As an example you purchase a $1,500 travel voucher your member price would be $1,425. If you are booking a resort or hotel, the travel voucher is just like a store coupon and is deducted off of the cost of the booking - it is that simple.

The fantastic thing about the travel voucher is that it can be used on any accommodation booking even special promotions offers such as Big Deal Thursday and Last Minute Bookings. There are no gimmicks or restrictions, if you book you can use your travel voucher to pay for all or part of the accommodation booking amount.

As a Rewards Member you will have access to special promotional holiday offers that many times can be up to 50% off of the normal sell price. Even on these promotional offers you can use your travel voucher against the accommodation booking cost.

Also as a Rewards Member you will receive member’s newsletters from Daphne which updates you about current travel trends, new points of interest travel tips and exclusive promotional offers.

The GREAT thing about being an 1800GETAWAY Rewards Member is that it is FREE to join. It is Daphne’s way of saying thanks for travelling with 1800GETAWAY.

Happy Travelling

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